Detox Diet Plan for Colon Cleansing – What You Should Know

Detox diet refers to a short term diet plan which last for 3-21 days that targets the removal of toxins from the body to strengthen it so that it can effectively repair itself. To make it clear, detox diets cannot cure diseases but they are intended to clear hindrance to maintain good health so that the body system can function well.Detox Diet Plan for Colon Cleansing

The Food-Based Detox Diet

Be it known that detox diet does not limit the amount of food you take but limits your intake of wheat, dairy, foods that contain gluten, fried foods and processed foods and sugar. It requires an increase of fresh vegetables consumption and anti-inflammatory foods. Before you start, you must know how to prepare for a detox and make a list of the foods you have to eat during detox diet as well as the foods you have to avoid. You must find out the 20 Detox foods and get tips on how to use them.

The food-based detox diet is recommended for beginners which need 7-21 days of cleansing. This is also for individuals who does not want restrictive diet and for those who require more protein in their diet.

Other Types of Detox Diets

Some types of detox diets also exist like those who want to avoid solid food (known as “fast”) but allow 3 meals a day.  The key however is to choose the type of diet that suits a person’s health, energy level and lifestyle. Here are some of the popular detox diets.

The Juice Fast

This requires consumption of only fresh vegetables and fruits juices. It includes ingredients such as apples, kale, spinach, carrots, beets, lemon and ginger. You can use a juicer at home for your own convenience however there are also pre-packed juice fasts available like the Blueprint Cleanse, Cooler Cleanse and Organic Avenue’s Love Cleanse.

Raw Food Diet

Though for some people, raw food diet is their normal way of eating but others consider it as detox diet. This involves eating raw foods or foods that has not been heated above 118 degrees.

Lemonade Diet

A homemade drink is made up of lemon juice, cayenne pepper and grade B maple syrup.

Additional Diets

Other types of diet to consider are the elimination diet, green smoothie cleanse, brown rice diet, vegan diet, pancha karma, macrobiotic diet, candida cleanse and the Clean Cleanse. Most diet plans have something in common and this is to improve the balance of alkaline to acid forming foods in the diet. This alkaline forming food has higher levels of minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium and sodium which promote cleansing.

Additional Methods to Support a Detox Diet Plan

Diet is not only the requirement of a well-designed diet plan. It must be accompanied with the following.


Inactivity can cause poor blood circulation which have a negative impact on one’s health and impair detoxification as well as immune function. Exercise is required to get the blood flowing.

Increased Elimination

Toxins in the body must be eliminated but if we don’t move the organs of the body for elimination becomes sluggish. We must therefore increase water intake, eat foods that prevent constipation and use herbal laxatives such as assena tea or cascara.

Improve Digestion

Most detox diet requires the removal of foods that people are sensitive to like gluten and wheat. A good diet must support the liver with protein, vitamins, antioxidants and other nutrients that will help with the detoxification.

Mind and Body Wellness

Stress does not only impair with body’s detoxification but also cause digestive ailments and impaired immunity as well as several effects with one’s health. Include with your detox diet a healthy mind free of stress. One is advised to incorporate some mind and body practices with your detox like mindfulness meditation, diaphragmatic breathing and progressive relaxation.

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